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Excel Carpet Cleaning Inc.
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Vent Cleaning
$20.00 per floor vent
Cold Air Return
$50.00 per air return
Dryer Vent Cleaning
$119.00 per dryer vent
"Air Duct

only $249.00*

* For 10 Air
Vents and 2 Air

RamAir is a revolutionary duct cleaning process that allows for state-of-the-art
forced air cleaning with no mess or debris, and it won’t harm duct surfaces! The
RamAir ClearView Duct Cleaning System is the most effective system to
date, as well as being the first system ever created that allows the homeowner to
actually see all the dust and debris as it is being removed from the duct system by
way of a clear polycarbonate viewing box.This revolutionary new system has been
quickly gaining recognition and praise worldwide.
* If an appointment slot is already taken for the day
and time that you need, please call or email us, and we
will do our best to fit you in, even for same day service!