Excel Carpet Cleaning Inc.
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Services We Provide
Carpet and Rug Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Minimum Charge
Up to 2 Areas/Rooms
Tile & Grout Cleaning Special*
(200 Sq Ft)
Additional Areas
Additional Footage
(Per Sq Ft)
$ 1.00
Any 5 Areas/Rooms Special!
Tile & Grout Sealant
(Per Sq Ft)
$ .25
Area Rugs (By Size)
$1.00 per sq ft
*Floors and counters, tile and
grout cleaning.
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Carpet manufacturers and the IICRC  recommend truck mounted steam cleaning as the #1
method of cleaning. We offer several methods of carpet cleaning for your convenience,
including bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning,and encapsulation, but we prefer the truck mounted
steam cleaning. Drying times for normally soiled carpet is 2 to 3 hours for the steam cleaning
What is considered an area?  * An area is defined as a room, staircase, or hallway. Living and dining
room combos count as 2 areas. Large bonus rooms and L-shaped hallways can = 2 rooms. Max each area
is 14 X 14 ft. Extra areas are $35.00 per each area. (Residential  Only)
(*Minimum Service Charge $119.00)
Commercial Carpet
Pet Treatment - 3 Step
Scotchgard Carpet
$.20* to .24 Per Sq Ft
(*Larger sq ft = Larger Discount)
$20.00 Per Area*
(*2 Area Minimum)
$15.00 Per Area*
(*2 Area Minimum)
We clean office buildings,
banks, credit unions, medical
offices, restaurants etc.

Day or evening cleaning
available, Monday to Saturday

Commercial carpets will be
clean and dry in 2 to 3 hours

Some of our valued customers
are Anthony's Homeport, Helac
Corporation, White River CU,
and Sammamish Bluff Condos.
* With purchase of carpet

Our 3 step process will
remove urine, odor and stain
from your carpets leaving
them clean and smelling fresh.

Our method dissolves the
urine salts and suspends them
for extraction. We then treat
any stain and odor left on the
carpet after the cleaning is
* With purchase of carpet

Scotchgard will be applied
after cleaning, on all traffic
areas that have been cleaned.

Over 1 billion pounds of carpet
are thrown away every year.
Protect your investment and
keep your carpets looking
fresh longer by having them
cleaned regularly and treated
with Scotchgard protectant.
* If an appointment slot is already taken for the day
and time that you need, please call or email us, and we
will do our best to fit you in, even for same day service!